Friday, January 06, 2006

El Hechizado (The Bewitched)

Theory went that since the first dream was really the last, in our sleep the entire future will unfold. Being more concerned w/impermanate outfits & subtle relationship plans of attack caused the nerves to divide the steps toward the specific path to enlightenment. This is the representation of that wealth.
Medics should make decision based on the rebuilding of the city after each collapse. Involve this conceit not. Replace an item called need w/feelngs of knockout elation. If it is there to begin w/only imagine what has been there all along. Peel, peep, pedal to peddle stunning responses.

"I don't know what to say, I'm sorry."

"We all make poor choices sometimes."

Scorpios represent death. Morbid moon probes the inner fears of sex. How to ratify emotions into saucy squares cheer for stalwart success. What is next?

Ruptured glands, this is how it felt. Robes turned to wire. Limited movement. Whirling mind phrases all having negative conveyance. D. became a person who just acquired objects & left them strewn abt to much annoyance. Perfection is constantly being disappointed by others.

Water really did issue such presence over the world. Relations to the body spoke of how others often adapt & then disintergrate from the starchy teeth foaming at the new formed preoccupation. New methods will die just as the old methods.

Earn a living keeping track of monsters.

Remember that this portion is not as large as it will appear to be. Think of the slice of pie & how this is just a nibble off of noir forks. This is not even a complete piece of pie or a complete restricted area. Keep on the life of the living that is only way to fight the oppression of the neglectful how they hate to waste energy. Yet they will sacrafice the gate of the dead for the coins of progress that are useless since select currency is the proper regulation. Remember when the boss walked me home to make sure that I did not break curfew or wander to places I said I would never be instead I nervous stared at my escort. That was a dirty fork in the first place did the mother ever say not to keep dirty things w/the clean? I guess not.

There's just no end. Why give monsters to someone whose inclination is to murder & exterminate the kind, like all humans who are treated unequally, fend for themselves by voting for those who slaughter their kind. Blend will not deter the lives from being taken.

After beng oppressed, the slightest negotiation will result in ultimate conflict.

Took the paper out of the machine found those linked into the major connector. Those in the system are linked to terror. Wired to the movement determinded by the moment.

There are only so many notes. If the favorite was other than composed by the self, could the favorite instead rely on the self to be the pickings of another artist? Why would that be the case? The self can not create a favorite of the self's talent. Choosing the self's tune would vainly convey memories of happiness in true moments of 'happy' that it was the self that was pleasing the self. Possibilites are limited by the choosing of only having one mind.

Opportunities of viewng a clear meteor shower or rolling around w/a new foreigner not really a foreigner just living in foreigner's quarters. There are new methods of arrangement. They exceed the expectations of which is normally required for listening. It began in her basement, it being so close to the opening of the earth. Something for another realm lodged there also.

More pain than prior. Real questions, how frequent do the flics get tested? All the while the watchers eyes were never resting. Moving along bouncing refrain from the movers. When the listeners listen I hope they get annoyed at how much we dupe needless tactics. Element soft permit human hands to mold & opportune endless ideas. Never getting to the next intersection yet being there before & seeing it n the way of all the total obstructions. Problems being the respiratory system diseases.

It was easy to convince d. that sickness go away & people shall stay as before laughter shook the ceilings & empty windows. Resting each day convinced that the disappearance should never question where the relative choice offers as a resting place.

Noticing how the breasts are neglected everyday by the defense. No ass could hold up this line like that. Present a pair of leggings & each appearance of the dwelling, there they were on the actuals legs.

Now it never seemed as a nontruth to me since the first encounter. How do we pass thru a crown & not realize until much later, some never learn of how royalty really began. Upon exitting it is placed until it actually touches. For normalacy, we must pass our entire bodies thry the crown. Our mothers do not view the birth as a sacred ceremony yet what do most think of while dying? I know I was thinking abt water. It composes me & contained my fear for decades.

That shot took 3 days to do. Imagine the calls Cookie got after that. Shook up the entire northern side of the house. Those in the yard started to turn.

The populace will continue to believe what visions are placed in front of their orbs. If it is sadness then the discontinued starch of yesteryear will reappear again in the cheats & on streamlined sky writing glinched. Special controllers of the realms will try to take the vitality from the youngsters who really have special abandon. I did not get stuck anywhere w/anyone. My travels were impetus. Wonders how fast the rest still contain fears of displacement. Where as the trivia of how long & how much is a rightful life? Certainly those who had to bury babes would be more suspicious of the plot given, yet having the amount for the earth is beyond what most were expecting to have the rest of their lives. There is a reoccuring theme we begin to see in watching the watcher make believe that there is only one spectator a scene. Those who have expectations are destined to death.

Fires kept burning & people did nothing to keep no one. Except they participated in the spectatorship of spoil. Hashy lips smirk at the slow sway of flames. How ruined is the water now? Watch the heat from the cheat lights suck in the determined smoke. Learning how to listen to each breath. For it may be the last of some time that was once this & that that has took new & old meaning to half. Regrets mean nothing when life times are swept into the wake of some unpredictable movement. Now those who are left to see are still in disbelief. Thinking that possessions will save themselves from the looting. All good ideas are spun from the tissue that makes the hands kill.
Our crowns are our choices someone once said or were we dreaming?
Now the only thing that might make sense is not to rebuild but wait for a response of those who think that they own the position to clam poor conditioned property. Take it from a creator to a viewer. This is the quick end & instead of long minutes of goodbye & I'm sorry we will see the moon no longer in defense of the earth. Taken too many comets before & now the resolve lies in wanting to purchase more things during times like this. Those things are sometimes better off in the possession of the deep. Then in the past we have said a term called rescued. Remember what that means.