Sunday, January 01, 2006

Coccyx, named for the shape of the Cuckoo's beak

Difference between over & almost is equal to the counting of steps. In the free time, some cry that they do not recall what freedom is. Could that be true? Who is to say? What is the best concert experience? Thinking back to when I had broken toes & tehamas crowd began to stomp. In case the nail works itself out of the cave we will have many strings attached. The over use of a machine causes the debt to rise & the tease to roll corners of napkin in lap. I saw that my hand needed to be still. What division would tolerate this behavior & memory? A device was not implanted it was a tear in time & the need to be assumed polka dotted. Thinking of the cranberry, how it floats in the bogs. Grown then floating to the surface of the water. We eat the tiny seeds inside the red skins. It tastes pungent & ripe, not too sour but my bitter nerve is dead.

It was the confusing a person w/another person on accident. Having them wonder if the other person was someone they knew personally.

"Your bottle or mine."

These vast crowds are like the organ that circulated blood. Vital, they are the movement & the core. The core of the movement noisome.

Linguists say that usually core syntax minus the worldly known vowels. Wanting employment & not wanting to be terrified for the rest of my life. Feeling that chems are the coded way to envelope after envelope of invites to swim parties. This heat is making me thirsty.

A new realm of I am not available for a relationship only brief socially cued moments of decorum. Selling more unframed works than framed. Giving gift upon gift to the loved & then asking the kin to loan works whenever requested.

Kin, relatives, relation, affinity. All of those my heart imbrex.

Submit to or be refined. I feel like I live out in the country again. Those who pursue the face tend to earn a forgetfulness of the country between all the cities.

Why did I love to swim? Why do we try to hold our breath & see if the suffoco might cease. Drowsily kicking like shears not touching anything. Drubbing the heart in a heat where sweat drips down my chest after my legs labor for the proper steps. They could say I am too tall. Who would like to close the eyes & hear a silence? Not the watched only proven that they might never know that they are being watched all the time. Would the world think this correct? Well, Archer thought it odd that some others go to the length of states apart meeting on accident & living streets away in the same city. Was this a random? No, this time life felt the way it had during the innocuous stae. She is still standing over the doorway remember how it felt to wake up after only sleeping for 45 minutes. I felt the street under my bed say things are happening & this future is similar to certain parts elsewhere. Yarn spun by Holy One now this method is earned. Trends are set by those who have excess & a different type of need. This wanting of some want for the wanting sake. We did take the card & use it to scratch our itch but we were still thirsty. Not that we feared urinating in public, we could not buy fluids anywhere. Demand too high in other areas the stockpiled supply broke thinking of all the places where people will be trapped & either die or survive waiting around those that did die.

"Raising our glasses to these wonderful people who cared for so many years. We honor them today."

Claps, cheers, & the truck engine rev.

"I wanted to drink more but there was dry gin & these strange ice picks."

Push the shoulders back & watch how they engage in conversation during their dinner. Napkins in lap & the recurring lifting of the wine glass. Knives in forks & now the tension of who will say they have something to do first?

"I decided to bring my own drinks."

"Always carry around wine bottles?"

"I found these. Fuck it let's toast. To finally being here."

Drinks stain the front of the pressed white shirt. Good thing the neck tie was removed. There are errors on the path to hunger & chance.

"Where can a front fake the best."

"It was cooked w/the other stuff."

Now there are boats everywhere & there were no bodies. It was me that was bleeding. Coughing so hard I began to throw up. Ribs felt cracked & intestines in spirals. Designing tempory places of residence.

I miss the best parts. Burns evening after irregular turns. Sounded as the recycler moved next door. Sleeping in sound goggles. Work in the worst, never get used to the best. I am the one who knows how to leave some things alone. How do they stack them stacks by selling their face to a marketed company tricking prinks who trick for kicks not kink. Gleam & shine resembling chains to discovery of self worthlessness & finding that crust under the expression of features in a favor. Mined deeper & found wearing the parts of earth held status not like the dimension of words. Remove from a regular order of excavation. Getting down to the same beat dropped & making the movement go from swell to reminiscence.

"Hide the reliquary."

Cut effluxus chitchat shambles. Do not bring reproach upon this bloodline. I once was scared of the fire that burned of myrrh. Glomerate glimmer this gum of bark from Arabia. Did this installation of these daguerreotype photos of the city during the dawn differ the months?

There was always a dampness to her words. I could hear it.