Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cock Tailings

Cutting the pineapple premature. There was only a picture of the subject. The photograph then became the object.

Difference between emulsion & pixels. Lead poisoning.

Pulling the covers over the neck, underchinning the startling projection cracking the source & making the blood convert to butter.

Driving south to the desert where my body grew out of my parent's components. They built a place meant to be torn down. In the odd time, a position was angled & the crop seeded itself. Taking the skill unknowingly.

What abt the sprays of dares not taken? Ask the questions, knowing which of the answers are required.

How can I be expected to habitate w/species that are obstructed by the subject buried, restrung & split up?

Was there the trembling urge to scratch the skin until the mind blurred. The heat looked like a cold mirage stretching over the highway reflecting on my skin down the length of the body. The water was draining, I did not want the slippage to seep the wicked haunt burning down structures resulting in the mortar missing from the laying of bricks.

Sharpening knives, hammering, twisting screws, mellow times, we want to control nothing, not even our own destiny. In my head the volume is raised, the fingers are pulled & the interest is hidden/hindered.

I am almost there. Organs ache, blood work. Hungry for more. Drinking, getting fucked up because we were bored.

"I like the way it makes me feel."

Piss out the clots. Pushing toward death, seeing the sand in the hourglass slip.


Boiler room explosion shutting down the factory. Nothing will over come the closeness to complete destruction. I was so torn up inside over my reaction to my own emotions.

The legs were twitching & the soul dug in & scooped out the seeds of my internal doubt.

"Do not let your mind control the fate of your soul."